Clayton Sullivan is a stuntman, stage combatant, and actor in film, theatre, and improv. He graduated from Missouri Valley College in 2014 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Performance Theatre. His notable theater performances include Nocturnal Journeys, The Nosemaker's Apprentice, and The Dumbwaiter. Clayton's performances in film include Wanted, 5 Days in April, and Scraps.

Clayton's acting, improv, and combat training were supervised by Wade Hughes and Harold Hynick at Missouri Valley College. Clayton also has experience in basic Comedia Del Arte, Meisner, and Method training. He has experience in stage construction as well as being an assistant in multiple stage combat and improv workshops.

Recently, Clayton has been a member of the Arizona Roughriders at Six Gun Theatre at Rawhide Western Town in Chandler, Arizona. Performing roughly 15-20 live action shows a week, Clayton and the Roughriders entertain crowds of all ages with comedy, stunts, and gunfights.

In his free time, Clayton enjoys reading, golfing, spending time with his dogs, listening to music, and exploring his new home of Tempe, Arizona.

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