A toddler proudly playing with toys
A toddler proudly playing with toys
A woman and a child meditating

About Us


I am Priscilla Whitlock-Coates MC, LPC, IMH-E. I have lived and worked in the Sierra Vista Community since 1981.

I have worked in a diverse array of for profit and non-profit settings as:

  • Program Director
  • Vice President for Southern Arizona
  • Associate Director of two large agencies
  • Clinical Director of two large Behavior Health Agencies
  • Direct Service Provider

I have worked with children and families through my entire career, specializing in Prenatal-Age 5 years.

I have worked in Mental Health settings, School Based Programs, Child Welfare, Community Social Services, County Health Department, Military Service Provider and Tele-Therapy Therapist.


  • Master of Counseling
  • Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Certified Clinical Supervisor
  • Circle of Security Registered Facilitator
    • 8 session Reflective Parenting Series
  • Infant toddler mental health endorsed
  • Trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy TF-CBT
  • Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) Rostered Provider / Supervisor for Mentoring and Oversight
  • AZ Board of Infant Toddler Mental Health Coalition (ITMHCA)
    • Southern Arizona training chair
    • Statewide membership chair
    • Member at large


The Counseling in which I engage in is based on a behavioral health model. I do not spend a great deal of time assessing what is wrong but instead we discuss what is right and a strength to build upon.

  • Understand your child’s emotional world
  • Successfully manage emotions
  • Honor your innate wisdom for your child to grow into a caring, emotionally intelligent and socially secure adult
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your responses to your child and the importance of practicing self-care and self-compassion
  • Child Driven Play
  • Relationship Based Psychotherapy
  • Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP)
  • Trauma Focused
  • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
  • Art Therapy Techniques
  • Sand tray