A toddler proudly playing with toys
A toddler proudly playing with toys
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  • The first 15-minute consultation can be in person or via phone to determine the best fit for services is free. Any time over the initial 15-minute consultation will be billed at the $100/hr. rate.
  • Payment is due when services are rendered. Payments accepted are insurance, check/credit card and cash.
  • I will bill your insurance company for each session.
  • Co-payment for each individual session will be required at time of service.
  • Self-Pay will be charged $100 for each 50-minute session.
  • Telephone consultation is billed at the $100/hr. rate prorated for the actual time.
  • No Show sessions will be billed to you as a full session with a $25 late fee (if cancelled less than 24 hours).
  • First session involves collecting basic information and are scheduled for 90 minutes and billed $150.


  • First 15-minute consult is free
  • First session consists of Psycho-social assessment/Treatment Planning - $150 for a 90 min session
  • Self-Pay - $100/hr. 50 min session
  • Insurance Billing
  • Groups-8 session (Circle of Security ®) - $150 per person for an entire series
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Benefits are an agreement between you and your insurance company. I cannot guarantee your insurance coverage. If you have any concerns you need to contact your plan

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Some plans reimburse a portion of the cost. Contact your insurance about your out-of-network coverage.